Vintage Old Time Bobber Motorcycles

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Bobber Motorcycles – Vintage Old Time/School Bobber Motorcycles Starting Up. ?

The very name bobber says that the motorcycle is removed all the excess, it seems to be cut from the English.: bob — short hair), due to this was the desire to win in
street racing, lightweight motorcycle faster.With bikes filmed all that did not affect the movement and cut the wings, and sometimes completely removed. Hence the name went
“bobber” — trimmed. It turns out after the bobbers began to appear choppers, but later divided into two styles, choppers
(motorcycles with long frame and fork) and bobbers (motorcycles with short frame and fork). Unlike copperstown, barbarity wanted to create a quick, nimble bike
for street racing, while copperate created motorcycles for impressive drive and long road.
In 30-ies in California began to be born the first bobber (then they are called bobers — trimmed), they are made of the motorcycle “Crocer” these motorcycles, unlike
other manufacturing firms in the US were the fastest growing and therefore leading the youth at the time. World war II began and the state demanded powerful motorcycles,
the firm Harley-Davidson was lucky and signed a contract with them. Well, after the war they had no competitors.
Returning after the war, European youth are redesigning shtatovskih heavy motorcycles gained during war in easy and manageable, then the beaver has experienced its second
birth. American youth returned from the war after 1945, too, took up the alteration of their heavy motorcycles to race and not only.
A bobber is a motorcycle made on the basis of the classics, which removed or greatly alleviated all of the details and mechanisms that do not affect driving performance motorcycle,
but reducing its overall weight. With motorcycle remove: speedometer, tachometer, beep, front brake, windshield, front fender and more. Silencer,
the rear suspension, the remaining fasteners are subject to change. Reduced or replaced: front lamp, seat, gas tank, battery… Frame remains
serial, the angle of inclination of front forks — no change, wheels of the same diameter. Although there may be some exceptions, small design changes are sometimes made.
Bobber is characterized by a low landing and a single like a Bicycle seat. The bobber, as sports changed, was a single.

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