You will be surprised to know that people have paid $1 million for a motorcycle. Motorcycles that are unique are sold at high prices in auctions. Fans and collectors are ready to spend millions of dollars on these bikes. Here are the most expensive motorcycles ever sold.

Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson – $1 million


This motorcycle was designed by artist Jack Armstrong. His modern art paintings have been sold for up to $3 million. This is the most expensive motorcycle ever sold. Its cylinder engine provides lightning fast speed. This motorcycle is liked by those who love the bike and fine art. Only one of its kind was produced, making it even pricier.

AJS Porcupine – $750,000


This 500 cc racing motorcycle was produced in 1945. It is considered to be one of the rarest bikes in the world. The bike won the 1949 FIM 500 cc world championship race. The later models were not as good as the first ones. The engines were very powerful. The last piece of the bike was produced in 1954 due to its low demand and weaker engines. Now it is very rarely found and is priced high in auctions.

Nehmesis – $500,000


This is a very exotic looking bike. It is made by BMS Chopper. The bike is gold plated. Rappers Ice T and P.Daddy are among the proud owners of this fantastic bike. It is a very impressive motorcycle to look at with its unique body and style.

If you are very enthusiastic about bikes and if you have to money to buy these expensive bikes, visit the annual auctions that take place around the world. You might be lucky to get a hand on these rare bikes.

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