Silver Dream Machine: 2LOUD’s Honda CB1100

Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD
Based in Taipei City in northern Taiwan, 2LOUD Custom is a small workshop run by Ma ‘Max’ Yicheng. Despite emerging onto the scene only a few years ago, the shop has quickly carved out an exceptional reputation.

Max and his partner, Lu Yongyu, create finely crafted, one-off machines with classic Japanese style and unparalleled levels of detail. And the latest stepping-stone on their ever-shortening path to legendary status is this total stunner of a Honda CB1100.

Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD
The project began its life as a 2014 Honda CB1100 EX, and marks the shop’s first-ever four-cylinder build. The donor’s air-cooled DOHC four—modeled after the engine in the iconic 1983 CB1100F—was kept mostly stock, with a few exceptions.

K&N filtration connects to an adapter above the throttle valve that was designed and built in-house at 2LOUD, and a Dynojet Power Commander V handles fuel management duties.

Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD
The stock headers now culminate in a pair of slip-on reverse cone mufflers, complete with shop badges. Marrying the engine to the frame is a polished set of one-off brackets.

The stock subframe was hacked off of the steel chassis and replaced with a shorter, upswept hooped unit. Perched atop the new framework is a custom leather saddle, while a chopped rear fender hangs off the back.

Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD
Helping to hide the electronics under the seat is a pair of handmade side panels, shaped like telephone handsets. The ignition was relocated to the right side of the engine, below the air filter.

The tank is a custom piece that was hand formed by Max, and the CB1100’s instrumentation takes the form of a Motogadget Motoscope Mini nestled in a cavity in the tank just ahead of the fuel-cap. Installing the new tank also required 2LOUD to relocate the fuel-pump to a custom box positioned just under the fuel-cell.

Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD
To achieve his classic trademark aesthetic, Max and Lu had to find a way to conceal the CB’s slew of sensors and modern electronics. The cockpit’s wiring was internally routed through the handlebars, with the majority of the remaining lines now running through the frame tubes.Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD
The ABS and speedometer chip have been discreetly tucked beneath the seat, the tilt sensor was relocated to behind the air filter, the rectifier was repositioned to the lower side of the intake, and a Shorai Lithium-ion battery is now housed just in front of the swing-arm.

The CB1100 retains the EX-spec’s 18-inch spoked wheels, though they’re now shod in Adlert Classic rubber from local Taiwanese tire purveyor, Duro. Like the donor bike itself, the tires look vintage but are actually contemporary offerings using a modern compound decorated in an old-school sawtooth tread pattern. The retro-themed rubber wouldn’t fit into the stock swing-arm, so Max widened the metalwork it by a few centimeters to make it work.

Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD
Damping the lightly modified swing-arm is a set of high-end shocks from Gears Racing with Hyperpro springs, bolstering performance while keeping in line with the aft suspension’s original appearance.

The braking system has been overhauled via KustomTech brake and clutch master cylinders, and the stock four-pot Nissin calipers have been thoroughly polished. An oversize Active oil-cooler with polished connectors was also brought into the equation, and next-door to the up-specc’d cooling system are 2LOUD’s signature frame-mounted front indicators.

Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD
Brimming with one-off parts, the Japanese four-banger continues 2LOUD’s grand tradition of sweating the details. The taillight, drilled rear-sets, and brushed aluminum triple clamps are all CNC’d pieces, designed and crafted in house.Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD
The brackets supporting the headlight, taillight, and turn signals were also done in house, as was the build’s wispy stainless steel chain guard.

Strengthening the tight and cohesive visual theme are the ornate exhaust and front fender support brackets, both of which are drilled out and polished, matching the punched frame gussets.

Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD
The paintwork on the CB1100 is another low-key victory. Adorning the bespoke bodywork is an elegant gloss black livery with metallic silver and gold foil striping. Meanwhile, the double-cradle frame’s been hit with a coat of high-temp metallic enamel, and all the exposed aluminum pieces were polished to hell and back.Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD
2LOUD’s trajectory continues with yet another calculated showstopper, adding to an already impressive body of work. The shop’s exploits are all the more impressive, considering the breakneck speed at which Max and Lu churn out finished projects.Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD
Having previously worked on everything from small Japanese commuter bikes to big-bore American V-Twins, it’s hard to know what they have in store for their next build.

But going by this breathtaking CB1100, whatever it is, we’re in for a treat.

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Honda CB1100 EX cafe racer by 2LOUD

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