Mid Hudson Warthdogs is a motorcycle club based in New York. It started in 1998 as a youth club and motorcycle was a section in that club.

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We organize various ride outs throughout the year. Whether you want to ride for a couple of hours, go on a weekend getaway or a continental trip.

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For general inquiries, feedback to our website and additional information, please complete our contact form.

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Benefits of joining the club

Members of our club can participate in various competitions. Our club has performed well in the last few years in different inter-club competitions.
Get a happy, helpful, friendly and sociable environment. You will learn a lot of things regarding a motorcycle.
It is not required for our members to ride bikes. Members can even stay in the club as spectators.
All the members of our club are entitled to significant discounts from our affiliates.
Besides ride outs and competitions, every weekend there is dining, activity based events, etc.

Feel free to drop by any Friday evening to see what we do.

You can speak to any of our members and talk to them if you have any queries. You can also write to us. We hope to see you in our club soon.

Postal adress: 1802 Godfrey Road, New York, NY 10023

Phone: 212-496-7866

Email: admin@midhudsonwarthogsny.com